A flexible workflow on the go

Easy learning curve. Simple do-it-yourself video tools.

Marketing with Video is as simple as Capturing, Editing and then Sharing your story.

Our Flexible Workflow

Capturing your story

We believe the best camera is the one you have with you. So, if you have your expensive DLSR camera, great, use it. If not, simply reach for your mobile device and shoot away. Capturing your story at the moment it happens, by default, builds in proof. After all, nothing sells better than authenticity. Capturing your story as it happens = flexible workflow.

Editing your story

With the simple and intuitive Video Editing Timeline, drag and drop your video footage in, add intros, outros, music, titles, graphics and even stock footage. There are so many ways to make your video great, all at your fingertips.


Invite multiple users within your organization into the creative process simply by adding them as a user. Encourage them to capture the action as it unfolds. After all, they are on the front line and Collaboration = flexible workflow.

Organizing and saving your video footage

Workflow starts with organization. Practically speaking, if you can’t locate your footage when it’s needed, where is the benefit? Having all of your video content in the cloud allows for easy search and retrieval when you need it most. We believe that having the right clip at the right time is priceless. After all, organization = flexible workflow

Sharing your story

Sharing and publishing your video is as easy as choosing where your video should play. With Proveiiit’s VideoCloud and video players you can easily direct your video to play from your website once it’s published. Also distribute to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any other video sharing platforms.